HJB - Your Trusted Biologics CDMO Partner

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HJB - Your Trusted Biologics CDMO Partner



HJB's warehouse covers an area of 1600 sqm and has integrated storage facilities, which includes Ambient temperature warehouse, Temperature control storage area(18℃~26℃), Packing Material Storage room (15℃~25℃), Cool room(≤20℃), Cold room(2℃~8℃), Freezer room(-20℃), Ultra Low Temperature Freezers (-80℃), Low Temperature Freezers(-40℃), Chemical Storage room and Cell bank room.

All storage areas are certified by GMP and GSP standards, and the operations in each storage area strictly follow relevant regulations. The Warehouse monitors the temperature and humidity of each region in real time through EMS/SmartVue System to meet the storage requirements of materials and products.

Meanwhile, the Warehouse utilizes a computerized warehouse management system-WMS, and combines two-dimensional code labels to accurately manage the receiving and outgoing of materials and finished products, which highly improves the efficiency of materials management while meeting GMP regulations.

Cold Chain Transportation

  • Import / Export Solution: Provide import and export solution to transit biological products with high efficiency and quality for client.

  • Transportation: The cold chain transportation mainly includes 2℃-8℃ transportation, liquid nitrogen tank transportation (-180℃) and dry ice transportation (-20℃ to -80℃). According to the transportation temperature requirements of different materials, the temperature is controlled throughout the process to ensure compliance with temperature requirements and relevant regulations.

  • Experience: We have rich experience in international transportation as well as cold chain transportation, and cooperate with international first-class cold chain transportation companies to provide high-quality service guarantee.